Approximate dates. Mating about 29th/30th March-pups due 3rd June Away end July.


Mating in 19 days. Pups due 7th June.

Away 2nd August.

Every week we receive phone calls telling us sad stories of puppy farms, un-licenced breeding and associated health problems.

Whilst no one can ever give a 100% guarantee of a healthy dog, following and going beyond recommended guide lines can go a long way towards it. ALL of our bitches and ALL our selected stud dogs are hip/elbow scored, eye tested every year and comprehensively DNA tested.

We believe our pups are worth waiting for. We understand the urgency behind every request and will never promise what we can not deliver. With five litters expected in 2018 and three in 2019 all requests will be met and we look forward to placing a puppy in the homes we have approved.

We will be keeping a puppy from ARWENS first litter and keeping a pup from COCOAS last litter and BRONWENS first.

We will always do our UTMOST to accommdate our dogs when owners require BUT ask that we are given as much notice as possible especially during holiday periods.

Walking dogs IS NOT a simple task. These days too many uncontrollable dogs are off lead and whilst we only EVER take two out at a time we are constantly scanning for potential problems which we recognise from experience whilst attempting to give our own dogs an enjoyable walk.

We have now entered the 21st century and are able to accept credit and debit cards although we still prefer bank transfer.






Also showing early signs of coming in to season but my best guess is in about 6 weeks, so mid April.


As regular as clockwork. All chocolate litter to come. In season end MAY.


The owner of Arwens sister, PEPPER will also be having a litter. Due in season August. She is FULLY HEALTH TESTED, low hip score and 00 elbows. Now being eye tested and comprehensively DNA tested. Using the same stud as ARWEN with 00 hips and 00 elbows, second generation of each. I will be assisting with this litter.


We will be keeping a black puppy from Arwens first litter and COCOAS last.



BRONWEN. In season November 2018. Pups away March 2019..hip score 10 in total. Elbows 00. We will keep one of these to be called BETHAN.

HEAVEN  IN SEASON November 2018. Pups away March 2019. Last litter from her. We will keep a pup from this litter.

ARWEN second litter end 2019.


As soon as the season starts we wait 11 days and then she will have a blood test to confirm ovulation which, in her case is always day 12. They are then scanned again two weeks later to get a vague idea of numbers and see that things are developing normally.

Another room has been converted as an overflow whelping room and a medical floor will be put down shortly.

Busy time ahead.





We are always upset that we cannot fully meet the demand for our dogs which is why we will only guarantee a pup if we know that within the time frame we have given that guarantee can be honoured.

With this in mind, within the next twelve months, and spread evenly throughout that time, we will be having 5 litters. Two chocolate, two black and one mixed.

ALL those waiting patiently for a pup will have one in that time.

Allocating pups is always a nightmare. Even though the bitches are scanned twice prior to giving birth we cannot predict sex or precise numbers. We take the date of booking a pup and then juggle to achieve the best outcome once we know sexes and numbers.

Please bear with us. We believe our pups are worth waiting for.

We are always in the hands of nature.

We look forward to welcoming many more new owners over the next few months and promise the same level of service and commitment that we always give.



More news.

Perhaps I am living in a parallel Universe. On the 10th March 2017 I presented Arwen to our vets for hip and elbow scoring. Arwen was born on the 11th March 2016 so was 365 days old which, when I was at school is a year. The guidelines from the BVA clearly states that the dog must be at least one year old-she was. When our vet sent the x rays up for scoring they were rejected on the grounds that the dog must have had the anniversary of its Birthday! They offered an unofficial scoring on their headed paper which the Kennel Club would not publish or she would need a retest. As this is done under general anaesthetic I have NO intention of repeating the process for a second time as it always carries risks. Tried to point out to BVA that she was a year old but all they said was that their data base would throw out any submissions not conforming to their anniversary statement. NO WHERE in their guide lines does it say this. I have now taken legal advice and have written to the BVA COUNCIL asking that common sense should prevail. As of now I have yet to receive a reply or even an acknowledgement.

If there is anyone else out there to whom the same has happened, and I believe there are many,