Bringing a dog into your home is a life-changing and life-enhancing experience.
It is also a huge responsibility.

Re-homing puppies always produces a mix of joy, anxiety and sadness for us. The puppies will have been part of our family so it is a wrench when they have to go out into the world, but exciting too. We want to make sure that they are going to continue to get the care and attention which we have provided since before they were born.

We operate a approved list for puppies, as do all responsible breeders. Instantly available puppies are more than likely the product of puppy farms or “backstreet” breeders who are highly unlikely to have bred from health-tested dogs or have socialised their pups properly. Please call us on 01843 866 991 or 07774 619 019 to be added to our approved list and schedule a visit or if you have any queries.

We provide the following with every puppy:

  • A puppy sales contract
  • Kennel Club Registration papers
  • Copies of parents’ health certificates (if required)
  • 12 weeks free insurance through Equine and Livestock
  • Information on care,feeding and worming/vaccination records
  • Micro chipping details/certificate
  • A five-generation pedigree from the Kennel Club
  • A LIFETIME of support from us and guarantee to take the pup back should your circumstances change.

Breeding and Export restrictions will be placed on the pup (unless specifically bought for approved export) which we will be happy to lift if we can be assured that the correct health checks will be met for breeding and the pup will only be exported for personal reasons. No charge will be made for lifting the restrictions.

We ask you to stay in touch throughout your dog’s life wherever you live and we are always there to support you. We also offer various Services for owners in London and the South East.

An Aidens Labrador is worth waiting for.

We will ask you a lot of questions to ensure that you understand fully the commitment required by taking in a puppy and to check that your circumstances will suit our dogs.

You are welcome to make an appointment at any time to meet our dogs and to see a litter once the puppies are more than 4 weeks old. Indeed, this is an important part of their socialisation. Contact us for further information about visiting and check our News page for details of litters.

Answering the following questions honestly may help you to decide whether a dog is right for you. Our About Labradors page also has specific information about the breed.

  • Can you commit enough time and effort to look after your dog properly for at least the next 10- 12 years? No one can predict the future, but you will be legally and morally responsible for your dog’s welfare even if your circumstances change.
  • Can you commit at least 2-4 hours a day solely to your dog? You will need to provide exercise, stimulation, training and company for your dog all day, every day. If your dog is likely to be in day care all week and short –term boarding when you travel, consider carefully whether owning a dog is right for you – or the dog.
  • Can you afford routine vet fees and budget for the unexpected, comprehensive insurance, training fees, food and accessories and provision for when you might have to travel without your dog? The average annual cost of providing for routine care is approximately £2,000. Emergency vet fees, boarding costs, training and other professional advice could make the amount much higher.
  • Will your dog fit into your household? – consider particularly other pets, children and the elderly. Labrador puppies are demanding and boisterous. The puppy that could sit in a hand at 4 weeks old will all too soon become an adult weighing 35-40 kilos. As retrievers, they use their mouth even more than other breeds of dog – on everything.  Although Labradors are naturally good natured, and ours are bred and raised to have a good temperament, they will still need to be introduced to other pets carefully, including other dogs. Remember, that the relationship between your dog and other pets will change as each ages. All children, of whatever age, must be supervised at all times when around dogs. If you have small children or are considering adding to your family in the next decade or so, think very carefully whether you can also manage a dog at all stages of its life.
  • Will your dog fit into your lifestyle? – dogs should not be left alone for more than 4 hours in any one day. Labradors are an energetic working breed used to being in the field for long hours in harsh conditions. They have no respect for a weekend lie-in or whether the elements are throwing force 9 gales and sleet at you! You must provide similar levels of exercise, training and stimulation on a daily basis to keep your dog fit and healthy in mind and body. Puppies and elderly dogs need additional time, care and attention. Dogs do not come “out of the box” fully trained and you will have a major influence on their development and future lives.